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Running a business is hard work. Even though money is the lifeblood of your enterprise, it can be difficult to make sure your finances stay in the best shape. Arranging meetings with your accountant can be difficult, they are often busy too. Sometimes you may end up like ships passing in the night.

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The less in touch you are with your accountant, the more likely you are to encounter problems. Without regular contact, you may miss out or forget about transactions, end up paying more tax than you need to, or incur fines. If your accountant is only available face-to-face or over the phone, you’re missing out. The internet is everywhere in our everyday lives, so why not make the most of it for business too?

At MoynanSmith Accountants & Tax Advisers we know our clients want to be able to reach us whenever. So we use the latest accounting software so we can make sure you’re properly keeping track of your business’ transactions. Gone are the over-flowing receipt boxes of the past, say goodbye to dull spreadsheets and say hello to records that update in real time. Have you ever had to chase up your accountant to make sure they got the invoices you sent? Never again. With cloud accounting software, information you input will be instantly available to your accountant. So you won’t have to worry about them not receiving anything.

As well as bridging the gap between you and your accountant, accounting software makes everything easier. Data entry becomes simple. You’ll no longer have to create spreadsheets to keep track of your finances. Every software comes with its own user friendly interface. All you need to do is put the information in the right box and your computer will do the rest of the work for you. This ease of use minimises the chance of human error, so you can finally relax about your accounts. Invoices can also be created and sent in seconds, so you can operate with increased efficiency. These are also automatically saved, giving you extensive records.

By using accounting software, a lot of the most difficult tasks become automatic. That’s right, you won’t have to lift a finger. The software allows for things such as calculating pay, production of payslips, working out VAT and more to be carried out automatically. This saves you an enormous amount of time. Removing the need for manual calculation also means that you’ll never make errors.

Cloud accounting software not only makes your accounts accessible from anywhere. It also increases their security. With non-cloud-based software your data is limited to one computer. So to transfer it, it will likely be moved via USB or e-mail. This is unsafe as well as unreliable, because USB sticks can easily be lost or stolen and e-mail can be intercepted. By storing your important accounts data in the cloud, it means you’ll never lose it. It also makes it nearly impossible for any unauthorised person to access.

To summarise, accounting software will allow you to:

  • Constantly stay in touch with your accountant
  • Make sure they get your records
  • Easily keep track of transactions
  • Reduce risk of error
  • Save time spent on calculations
  • Have more security over your accounts

With all the advantages of accounting software, why would you ever choose to do it yourself? At MoynanSmith Accountants & Tax Advisers, we'll make your life easier. We’ll help you with various programmes including:

  • QuickBooks Online Accountant
  • Xero Accounting Software
  • Sage Accounting Software

If you want to get your time back and make your business run like a well-oiled machine, get in touch with us today to make a start with accounting software. Or give us a call on 01228 586790 for a quicker response.

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