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Darren Moynan and Jamie Smith formed MoynanSmith to stand up to lacklustre accounting. Too many people expect too little from their accountants. And so too many accountants do too little.

They found people were happy plodding along with accountants that did the bare minimum. They were happy as long as their accounts got filed and taxes paid on time.

That’s like thanking a chef for a foul-tasting meal because it didn’t give you food poisoning. The very least you expect from a cook is to make food that doesn’t make you ill. Similarly, the very least you expect from an accountant is to stop you getting fined. But there’s something wrong when that’s all that they do.

MoynanSmith sets out to do things differently. To go above and beyond expectations. Instead of doing the least they could do, they set out to improve their clients’ businesses.

Darren and Jamie’s status as chartered tax advisers sets them apart. It means that instead of just getting your taxes paid on time, they’ll find ways for you to pay less tax. MoynanSmith specialises in proactive tax planning. They look for ways you can save tax in advance. So the amount of tax you pay will be the absolute minimum forever.

If you’re a business owner, you don’t have time to look for all the ways you can pay less tax. Unlike typical accountants, MoynanSmith is always on the look out for ways to reduce your liability and claim tax relief.

They’ve already made a big difference to their clients. With the help of MoynanSmith, one client was able to claim over £100,000 in Research and Development tax relief. Imagine what your business could do with an extra £100K.

Another client was able to get 20% cashback in the form of capital allowance when buying a commercial building. Cashback that their previous accountant didn’t even know they could get. If you want peace of mind, choose MoynanSmith. You can rest assured that there’s no rock left unturned when it comes to finding ways for your business to save.

It’s all completely legal, too. Most accountants just lack the knowledge of tax legislation to keep you ahead of the game.

Not sure if it’s for you?

You’re right to have reservations. Being reckless with tax can land you in hot water. After all you don’t want to be embroiled in the next Panama Papers scandal.

So why not pop into MoynanSmith Chartered Accountant and Tax Advisers in Carlisle for a free meeting? They’ll show you how they can help you pay less tax without breaking the law. Get in touch with Darren or Jamie or give them a call on 01228 586790 to book your meeting today.

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